Sunday Worship at 10:30 a.m.

Sunday School Directory

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ClassRoomTeacher(s) / Facilitator(s)Class Description
Babies - Crawling CH106 Collins/Stinnett/Watts Babies - Crawling
Toddlers - Ones & Twos CH101 Martha Pelfrey One & Two year olds
Threes and Fours CH115 Nichole McCord/Brooke Sinclair Three before 09/30
Kindergarten Kids' Park George and Wilma Loy  
1st & 2nd Grades Kids' Park    
3rd & 4th Grades Kids' Park Tim Sawyer
Judy Rice/Ted McCloud
5th & 6th Grades SM202 Brian & Sharon Miller
Mark Ellison & Kim McCall
7th, 8th, 9th Grade Girls SM207 Stinnett/Goins/Shults  
7th, 8th, 9th Grade Boys SM212 Tony Graves/Drew Goins  
10th, 11th, 12th Grades SM208 Paul Law/Deca Ellis  
College & Career Singles SM211   Co-ed Young Adults
Ad2/C1 Contemporary Singles FL203 Sue Potter Co-ed Singles 40 & up
Ad2/C2 New Beginnings AM213 Elizabeth Whitehead Co-ed Singles 50 & up
Ad3/C2 Young Married CH202 Randy Hurst Married Couples
through age 40
Ad3/C3 Learning Ctr Drew Crain Mostly Couples (35-50)
Ad3/C5 CH204 Emerson Wiles Mostly Couples (35-50)
Ad3/C7 Sustainers FL208 Bob Stewart Co-ed (40s & 50s)
Ad4/C1a Craft Rm David Ellis/Charles Ballard Co-ed (40-50)
Ad4/C5 FL210 Ramsey/Herlacher Co-ed (50 & up)
Ad4/C6 Maranatha CH208 Robert Sheets Co-ed (all ages)
Ad4/C7 Encouragers AM107 Joe Hall/Roberta Robinson Co-ed (60 & up)
Ad4/F1 Mary Martha FL207 Patti McCloud Women (all ages)
Ad5/C1 Good News FL213 Nathan Byrd/Ullin Bivens Co-ed (65 & up)
Ad5/M1 Kingsmen/Coulter
FL204 Tom Barnard Men (60 & up)
Ad5/F1 Philathea FL211 Maxine Walker/Mary Wiles Women (60 & up)
Ad5/F2 Willing Workers FL215 Doris Brown/Linda Alexander Women (60 & up)
Ad5/F3 Hope/Lydia Quest Rm Carolyn Bilbrey Women (70 & up)